Hand Arm Vibration Training Course £40 p/p


The new regulations in Control of Vibration at Work act Regulations 2005. The new regulations impose strict new limits on the length of time employers can expose workers to vibration and employers will be liable to criminal prosecution if the regulations are ignored.

The Hand Arm Vibration Training Course will raise awareness to the operator/employer on how to prevent Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS).



  • Provide training on health risks and the safe use of equipment

  • Assess the risk of the health of employees and plan for its control

  • Manage the risk by measuring the vibration on all you’re machines

  • Provide suitable equipment

  • Maintain equipment

  • Provide health surveillance for you’re employees where risks cannot be completely eliminated

  • Provide reports to the relevant authorities of cases of HAVS

  • Describe and discuss the medical condition and assess the groups at risk

  • The best ways of avoiding HAVS

  • The correct way to hold and operate machinery

  • Which workers are at risk

  • Which tools are at risk

Candidates will receive a certificate of attendance

Course duration is 2 Hours

Head Office

Suite 30 Hilton Hall, Hilton Lane, Essington, Wolverhampton WV11 2BQ



T: 01922 279 129