Who is the course for?


Persons assessing DSE work stations

This course will educate you about what your duties are as a DSE assessor. It will familiarise you with what to look out for when assessing user’s workstations, how to best set up equipment, what postures users should adopt, and other ways to minimise the strain imposed on users’ bodies. With this knowledge, you’ll be fully prepared to recognise hazards and risks and take action to rectify any problems with users' workstations so their well being is guaranteed.

By the end of this course learners will know:

  • What DSE is and what defines a DSE user.

  • The DSE regulations and what your duties are as a DSE assessor.

  • The health risks commonly associated with DSE and the importance of assessing risks.

  • How to carry out a DSE assessment of a user's workspace and what hazards you should look out for.

  • How to select and set up ergonomic equipment and ensure users' environments pose minimal risks.

  • What postures users should assume to minimise strain placed on their body, as well as the importance of taking breaks and stretching.

  • The importance of providing users with information and training about their DSE set-up and good posture

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Assessing Display Screen Equipment (DSE)


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