Posted Date: 5th April 2023

When working at height it is most important to understand the consequences when not done in a correct manor. Three of the most common causes of fatal injuries continue to be falling from height, being stuck by a moving vehicle and being struck by a moving object.  This is why It’s most important and essential to any colleague to be competent when working at any height whether that is working on a step ladder or a scissor lift.

Section 29, working at height regulation says before carrying out any work at height we must follow the following Hierarchy of control:


1.             Avoid working at height if possible

2.             Use an existing safe place of work

3.             Provide work equipment to prevent falls

4.             Mitigate distance and consequences of a fall

5.             Instruction and training and/or other means.


You might believe that in an accident its completely up to the fallers fault. It’s not, everyone could be at risk including the company itself – it’s a shared responsibility.  In February 2021, Warrington an incident happened where father-of-one fell to his death after using ropes with his co-worker to install a lighting protection system to the front of the office to flat conversion. The HSE found that the company failed to sufficiently address the risks associated with the work and showing little consideration to work at height hierarchy of control not taking any suitable protection measures.

  “This incident could easily have been avoided by better planning of the work to ensure adequate controls were in place to prevent falls from the roof. Whilst rope access techniques are appropriate in some circumstances, they should only be used if more appropriate measures, such as fixed scaffolding” 

- Source ‘HSE News’ posted on 14th February 2023



The photogrpahs above clearly show the supervision is there but the compitence is not,  a simple snap from a member of the public can have serious consiquenses to your company . Not only your company but this is very unsafe and any slip or harsh weather changes - there could be a fatality on your hands.

Due to the number of fatalities each year caused from working at height, employing competence persons to carry out the work is a must. knowing how to properly plan, supervise and carry out a sensible approach to working at height. Taking precautions, where necessary, to make the task at hand as low-risk as possible.

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